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Psychiatric Clinical Nurse Specialist
Hello and welcome to my site. I am an Advanced Practice Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Practitioner in Psychiatry with 40 years of clinical experience. My credentials are sometimes confusing to people, probably because they are not seen often, especially in this area. MSN, APRN-BC translates to Master of Science in Nursing, Advanced Practice Registered Nurse with Board Certification from the American Nurses Credentialing Center. In South Carolina my nursing license and DEA license afford me the privilege of providing psychotherapy and prescribing medications for a variety of reasons including: depression, anxiety, grief, supportive counseling, dementia, and Alzheimer's disease. I teach from the cognitive-behavioral school of psychiatry and believe in practicing Mindfulness as a way to lead a healthy life.
About my Private Practice
    Specializing in short and long term psychotherapy with adult clients including the practice of prescribing psychotropic medications.

    I accept many different types of insurances, which will be discussed at the time of our initial contact. I will meet with you for an initial evaluation for 1 hour at which time I will take an extensive individual and family history. During the initial evaluation we will also discuss your individual needs and wants from the therapy experience and set realistic, measurable goals. The following individual sessions will be 50 minutes. 

    I believe therapy is a relationship between two people where trust is paramount. All therapy is confidential and my intent is to meet the needs of my clients in order to have an ultimate successful outcome.
Marilyn M. Earle,
Office # 843.706.3020
Fax # 843.706.3021